Market Intelligence

Office Data & Analytics

The Templetons Office data & analytics suite covers prime office space in Lagos, collecting property level structural information such as year built, year renovated and size, as well as performance information such as rental and vacancy rates. In addition, Templetons offers hard to find details about concessions and operating expenses, while also keeping an eye on potential competitive threats from forth coming new supply. This data is rolled up into a comparable group summary statistic, as well as submarket trends.

At the property level, Templetons offers a suite of integrated rent, sales and new construction comps

  • Our property survey team collects rental rates, vacancy information, lease terms for office properties
  • Sales comp analysts gather all information that is critical to understanding a sale including sale price, closing date, buyer, seller, cap rates and more.
  • Our supply side team tracks planned, proposed, under construction and recently completed projects to gauge the potential impact of new supply on the competitive position of existing stock.

As a suite, our market reports, with the integrated comps, provide a comprehensive view of the market and a property’s competitive position in it.

Rent Comps

A fundamental transaction – support tool, Templetons comp reports help investors access the performance of a property versus its peers. Users specify the location and physical characteristics of a subject property, and Templetons supplies property level performance data for competitive buildings in the area.

The resulting report returns property-level data and comps group summary statistics including

  • Concessions
  • Operating expenses
  • Lease terms
  • Current asking rent
  • Current vacancy rate
  • Rent growth comparisons

New Construction Comps

Keep up to date on projects in every stage of development

  • In addition to our core property database, Templetons develops and maintains a new construction database that identifies and monitors projects that are being added to our covered markets
  • Detailed tracking of the supply side of the commercial real estate market is critical to projecting performance changes in the market and submarket levels
  • This database is regularly updated and reports relevant information such as project size, property type, location and developer for project that are planned, proposed, under construction and recently completed.
  • The construction comps tool allows a user to identify planned, proposed, under construction and recently completed projects within user specified parameters such as geographical radius, project size and expected completion date.
  • The market entry of new buildings can significantly change the competitive landscape and performance expectations for any area. Templetons carefully tracks and monitors new projects from the planning stages to opening day to stabilisation.

These findings are reflected in our quarterly rent, vacancy, and inventory forecasts for markets and sub-markets, and provide clients with valuable information about the pace at which newly opened buildings lease up.

Market Reports

Understand local supply and demand fundamentals

For every market and submarket across Lagos, we offer an information packed executive briefing report that quickly confers upon the reader a mastery of local supply and demand fundamentals. Each briefing is broken into four sections

  • Market or Submarket over view
  • Asking and Effective rent
  • Competitive inventory and Absorption Rate
  • Outlook

Market Analytics

The Templetons ranking tool enables you to quickly anticipate opportunities and risks before markets shift.

The templetons market analytics module ranks submarkets by meaningful criteria, including top and bottom

  • Rent Growth
  • Vacancy Change
  • Inventory Growth

Quickly target office markets or submarkets across our coverage area, that are projected to register the most robust growth in the coming years as well as those forecasted to decline

  • Improve strategic investments and acquisition decisions
  • Target and prioritise market and submarkets for portfolio review
  • Understand changes in your competitive landscape
  • Identify thriving and at-risk markets and submarkets.