Occupier Services

Tenant Representation

“Whether you’re a contracting or expanding business, or you have an upcoming lease event, we take time to understand the reason or reasons behind your decision to look for new office space and work with you to develop strategies that align with your specific requirements and objectives.”

  • Property search & selection – Finding the right property for the client is the first step in the process and is key to the projects success. All the work that follows in subsequent steps will be dependent on getting the property selection right. Templetons Office data & analytics database will be an important resource at this stage, in terms of saving time and in ensuring that the selection decision is backed up with good quality data.
  • Landlord & Title due diligence – Due diligence checks on ownership of selected property and legal validation of title
  • Technical due diligence/Building Survey – Technical due diligence on the condition of the space/building selected. Includes a full building survey where required.
  • Negotiations – With our deep knowledge of the local market and access to good quality data provided by our Office data & analytics database, we are in the perfect position to negotiate the best deal for our clients.
  • Fit out project management – We have been there from day 1 so we are in the unique position that we already fully understand your objectives and standards with respect to the fit out of your new premises.
  • Move in & occupation – The final step in the process. We will be on hand to ensure that the move is trouble free and that everything works as expected.

Rent Review

A Rent review is a provision in a commercial property lease for the Landlord to propose an adjustment to the tenants rent at a specified date in the future. The adjusted rent will normally align with what the Landlord believes is the current market rent. Since the adjusted rent is based on the Landlords view and not an independent view, you as the tenant could be left facing a rent uplift that may not be fair. Engaging the market expertise of Templetons to represent you at Rent Review time ensures you do not end up paying too much rent. In depth knowledge from our Market Intelligence unit detailing actual transactions we have been involved in and comps data from our Office data & analytics suite, are the key inputs we use to determine what the fair current market price is.  In short, we use data to back all our decision making and advice to you when defending against an excessive rent increase by your Landlord at Rent review time.

Lease Renewals

Moving office may not always be the best option for your company.  Sometimes re-negotiating your lease and refurbishing or reconfiguring your existing premises, may be a better option. Templetons  Tenant Representation team offers services to occupiers who are either looking to get a better deal in their current space or to agree terms for a new lease.

Often, it’s not only the rent that will be negotiated in a new lease, but also service charges, break options, first right of refusal on expansion, and a host of other factors that can prove vitally important to you the tenant.

By engaging Templetons as your representatives, you not only get skilled consultants who know the Lagos market intimately,  negotiating on your behalf, but also access to our Office data and analytics suite and information in our Market Intelligence unit, enabling effective data backed decision making  when negotiating with the Landlord for improved lease terms.