Owners & Investors

As specialists in the Nigerian Office market we work with owners and investors to develop strategies that maximize investments, minimise costs and reduce risk.

Leasing Consultants

As your Leasing consultant we will directly interface with tenants on your behalf. Our in-depth knowledge of the Office leasing market in Nigeria means you can be rest assured that your property is in the very best of hands. We will take care of all viewings, lease terms, prices and negotiations with tenants so that that all you have to worry about is the receipt of the rent.

Landlord Representation

We use data from our proprietary database to provide insights on how to maintain or improve your buildings competitive advantage in the market. That means attracting new tenants to your building and/or retaining your existing tenants

Sales & Acquisitions

Whether you are disposing of a property or acquiring a new one, Templetons is there with you throughout the transaction lifecycle. With our exceptional market knowledge and insights we are able to advise clients on optimal strategies to maximise value when disposing of assets or negotiating on complex acquisition transactions.

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